Waukesha, WI Family Law Mediation

We provide the professional legal representation you need when going through mediation in Wisconsin family law proceedings.

Family law matters are among the most stressful types of court proceedings, with the potential to jeopardize your relationships along with your financial security. Mediation allows you greater control over decisions that could have profound impacts on your life, but it is important to get experienced legal guidance throughout the process. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, our Waukesha family law mediation attorneys can help guide you through these proceedings, protecting your interests and helping you get the best possible outcome in your case.

Protecting You in Waukesha Family Law Mediation

Under Section 767.405 of the Wisconsin Statutes, mediation is a process that allows parties on opposing sides of family law matters to communicate more effectively with the goal of resolving issues, rather than having a family court judge decide their case. In Waukesha County, judges often refer divorcing couples for mediation, in the hopes of resolving the following matters:

  • Marital property division, in which property, assets, and debts are otherwise distributed evenly between both spouses;
  • Spousal support, which was previously known as alimony, in cases in which one of the spouses requires financial support to recover financially from a divorce;
  • Child custody, in which the parties negotiate joint or sole custody arrangements, in addition to resolving questions regarding legal decision making for their child;
  • Child support, which is generally decided according to Wisconsin guidelines, may also be discussed as part of custody arrangements negotiated through mediation sessions.

Whether you enter mediation willingly or as required by a judge, our Wisconsin family law mediation attorneys can help guide you through these sessions. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, we can prepare you for what to expect during meditation, working one-on-one with you to clarify important issues that need to be addressed in your case.

The Advantages of Mediation in Family Law Proceedings

While it is important to speak with our Waukesha family law mediation attorneys before agreeing to any stipulations, there are numerous advantages to resolving important issues in your case through mediation. These include:

  • Puts control of the outcome in your hands, rather than having decisions made by a judge;
  • Allows you to negotiate custom, flexible arrangements that better serve your individual needs;
  • By avoiding potentially lengthy court battles, it can save you money in court costs and attorneys fees;
  • By not having to wait for legal documents to be filed and for court hearings to be scheduled, it can save time in your divorce case.

By acknowledging issues and working through them, mediation can also help heal hard feelings and establish better communication between the parties. This can be particularly beneficial in child custody cases.

Reach Out to Our Waukesha Family Law Mediation Attorneys

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, we provide the legal guidance you need in matters impacting you and your family. To discuss whether mediation might be an option in your case, reach out and contact our Waukesha family law mediation attorneys to request a consultation today.