Waukesha County, WI Parental Relocation

Waukesha County, WI Parental Relocation

When issues related to moving with your child cause problems between you and the other parent, our Waukesha County, WI parental relocation attorneys are here to help.

For unmarried parents and those going through a divorce, the prospect of a move may be a major cause of concern, resulting in the need for court proceedings. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, our Waukesha County, WI parental relocation attorneys provide the legal guidance you need in these situations. We protect your rights and interests in these types of cases, whether you have not yet gone through custody proceedings or have an existing order in place.

Moving as a Custodial Parent

Under Section 767.41 of the Wisconsin Statutes, there are numerous factors the court considers in awarding custody of child in cases of divorce or in situations involving unmarried parents. The entire situation will be looked at closely, including your relationship with the child, your ability to provide for the child’s needs, and your willingness to cooperate with the other parent in making these arrangements. If the situation does warrant awarding you primary custody, there are certain rights and obligations that come along with that responsibility.

In cases in which you may have been offered a better job in a neighboring state or otherwise decide a move is necessary, our Waukesha County, WI parental relocation attorneys can advise you on the best course of action:

  • If your arrangement is by mutual agreement with the other parent and there is no formal order in place, initiating child custody proceedings can help prevent disputes over custody and visitation from arising further down the line.
  • If you currently have a child custody order naming you as the primary caregiver, you will need to notify the court if you intend to take the child out of state for an extended period, move to another state, or move more than 149 miles away from your current residence.

Just because the other parent protests the move, you may still be entitled to have your order granted. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, we can provide evidence showing the court that the move is necessary, either for financial or other purposes, and that it is in both your and the child’s best interests.

Making Changes to Current Custody Arrangements

If you do currently have a child custody order in place, you will need to request a modification through the Waukesha County court. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC., we can guide you through this process, which includes creating a new parenting plan.

Depending on the situation, the other parent will likely still have rights to visitation with the child. Our Waukesha County parental relocation attorneys can advise on matters to include within the plan, such as visits over holidays or school breaks and travel arrangements for the child.

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Making a major move without a court order could jeopardize your rights as a parent. For legal guidance in these matters, reach out to MacGillis Wiemer, LLC.. Contact our Waukesha County, WI parental relocation attorneys today to schedule a consultation.