Waukesha County Family Lawyers

Waukesha County Family Lawyers

When dealing with potentially difficult situations that impact you or your loved ones, our Waukesha County, WI family law attorneys provide the strong legal guidance you need. 

Family law matters are among the most emotional and often hotly contested type of legal matters dealt with in the Wisconsin court system. When you are dealing with sensitive matters such as the breakup of a marriage or issues regarding children, you need legal guidance from someone with extensive knowledge and legal expertise on your side. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, our Waukesha County, WI family law attorneys have over a decade of experience serving people throughout our area. We provide the trusted, strong legal representation you need to protect your rights and best interests in your family law case.

Trusted Legal Representation From Our Waukesha County, WI Family Law Attorneys

Legal matters pertaining to couples, children, parents, and other family members are dealt with in the Waukesha County Family Court. In addition to involving issues which can dramatically impact your personal life and your relationships with others, these types of proceedings can jeopardize your rights to property and assets, while putting your future financial security in danger. Family court matters require strong, professional legal representation from a Waukesha County, WI family law attorney you can trust.

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, we have spent over a decade guiding clients in our area and acting as a tough legal advocate on their behalf. We can provide you with the kind of efficient, highly effective legal representation you need in the following types of situations:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce;
  • Child custody and visitation;
  • Child support and enforcement efforts;
  • Proof of paternity and father’s rights;
  • Modifications of existing family court orders;
  • Situations involving domestic violence and abuse;
  • Pre and post marital agreements;
  • Domestic and international adoptions.

Defending Your Rights in Family Law Matters

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC., our thorough knowledge of the Wisconsin Statutes and how they apply in your case allows us to be a strong legal ally on your behalf. We take the actions needed to protect you and those you love throughout each phase of your family court proceedings. Ways in which we assist you include:

  • Defending your rights to marital property and assets during divorce;
  • Making sure you and your child get the amount of financial support you need;
  • Petitioning the court for restraining orders to protect you and other family members;
  • Appearing on your behalf at court hearings and gathering evidence in your favor;
  • Ensuring legal documents are filed correctly, avoiding costly delays or future legal issues;
  • Negotiating with other attorneys involved;
  • Pleading your case in front of family court judges;
  • Requesting modifications and appealing decisions that are not in your best interests.

Reach Out to Our Waukesha, WI Family Law Attorneys Today

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC., we are dedicated to helping you get the best possible results in your court case. Reach out and contact our Waukesha, WI family law attorneys to request a consultation today.