Testimonials from Family Law Clients

“Divorce isn’t an easy choice in life, but Graham Wiemer was very supportive, and an excellent communicator and guide.”


“Graham is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients. His human touch in an extremely difficult time made a huge difference and helped me to move on in a positive way. I highly recommend Graham to my friends & clients. They are always happy with his expertise and guidance.”

“From the moment I sat down across the table from him I knew he was going to be hired! He was very professional, he made me feel comfortable with him and his abilities to get the job done! And so far he has proven himself to be a very respectable lawyer, who is upfront, realistic, prompt, and prepared!”

“Attorney Wiemer was very successful in the final outcome of my case. He worked hard to become familiar with the broader context and the history of the case as well as key, specific concerns I had.”

“I really needed legal help with my situation and was thankful for having such a competent legal team working on my behalf ! Meticulous in preparation, quick thinking during litigation, and realistic on expectations. Highly recommend their legal services when you need someone good !!!”

“It’s easy for people to use these forums when they have had a bad experience. I know this from my personal experience with previous council. I also want to take the time to commend my current and hopefully always future council Graham Wiemer, I came to him with a messy divorce on my hands I was in over my head, had terrible previous legal advice and true to his words he has dug me out of this hole and done so quicker then promised. His knowledge, honest no bs approach has brought me and my son back together and we are both eternally grateful. He responds timely And with excellent thought to what are very emotional topics to me with a foresight that’s astute and keeps a client on the right track. My divorce is not over yet but my sleepless nights are and I have faith again in the system. He also gets it to what it means to be a good dad and we have rights to. Thank you, Graham.”

“Divorces are known to be difficult, and mine especially was. I am thankful to have had an experienced attorney who explained every step of the process to me. Graham helped me understand how and why things were happening.”

“I had a great experience with Graham Wiemer as my attorney. He was very knowledgeable and kept me advised of all important issues in my case. He’s a good communicator and kept on top of my case.”

“Graham helped me with my divorce. He was very caring, and listened to my concerns. He was very knowledgeable of Wisconsin law. Thank you Graham for a job well done! I received primary placement of my girls and the child support and maintenance I greatly needed. I would highly recommend Graham Wiemer!”