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Keeping you in control of your own divorce solutions

Besides being emotionally difficult, navigating the process of divorce in Wisconsin can be stressful and expensive, even when spouses seek to end their marriage on amicable terms. No one wants to relinquish to a judge significant decision-making responsibilities about finances and child care. And, uncertainty about the results can only magnify a family’s hardship. Fortunately, in Wisconsin, there is an alternative for divorcing spouses seeking to negotiate a mutually beneficial solution for their families, even when both spouses are unsure about what that solution is. That alternative is mediation.

At the law offices of MacGillis Wiemer LLC, our compassionate Wisconsin divorce mediation attorneys help many Milwaukee-area spouses seeking to avoid litigating a divorce enter the mediation process to find workable solutions to the individual and family needs of both spouses. We have more than twenty years of combined experience helping clients take control of their divorce and reach reasonable and amicable solutions to difficult problems, by enabling them to use the advantages offered by the mediation process.

What is divorce mediation, and how is it different from litigation?

In the early stages of the divorce process, Wisconsin family judges usually issue court orders requiring divorcing couples with children to meet with a mediator to try and devise a solution addressing matters of child custody and child placement. The mediator is a neutral party, appointed by the county, who meets with the spouses, listens to both, and attempts to help them to form a parenting plan which encompasses any agreement between the parents which is also likely to earn court approval under Wisconsin law.

While some spouses agree to expand the scope of court-ordered mediation to include issues such as property valuation and division and craft a property settlement, neither spouse is required to agree to anything through mediation. However, due to the options it provides and its flexibility, many divorcing spouses agree to private mediation, sometimes even before beginning the divorce action.

Parties even have an option of choosing the type of mediator that better meets their needs. A facilitative mediator focuses on helping each parties to better understand the opposing party, while an evaluative mediator works more proactively to develop a workable solution.

Whether mediation is private or court-ordered, facilitative or evaluative, it remains an entirely voluntary process. Neither party can be forced to accept a settlement that does not meet with his or her approval.

What are the advantages of mediation?

The benefits of mediation flow from its innate flexibility. Through mediation, many divorcing spouses can:

  • Maintain control of the divorce process, by working together to craft a settlement to present to the court, rather than turning this responsibility over to a judge
  • Save court costs and attorney’s fees
  • Avoid stress caused by protracted litigation and public testimony
  • Maintain their privacy
  • Speed up the divorce process by eliminating the need for a time-consuming trial
  • Courteously and respectfully resolve their differences

Through mediation, divorcing spouses in Wisconsin are able to privately create and formalize settlement agreements designed to meet court approval and to allow families to move forward.

Trust an understanding Milwaukee divorce mediation attorney to help your family find amicable solutions

Even when a marriage ends amicably, the Wisconsin divorce process can still seem confusing and complicated, and the emotional costs can be profound. At the law offices of MacGillis Wiemer LLC, our skilled Milwaukee divorce attorneys understand the toll divorce can have on families. We are dedicated to helping clients face challenging circumstances, reach beneficial solutions, and preserve their dignity. If you are seeking to divorce your spouse on an amicable basis and wish to learn more about how mediation can help, contact us online or call us at our West Bluemound Road offices in Wauwatosa at (414) 727-5150.