Fox Point WI Family Law Mediation

Fox Point WI Family Law Mediation

When issues in divorce and child custody cases can not be resolved, our Fox Point, WI family law mediation attorneys can help you reach an agreement. 

In cases involving family law matters, such as divorce and child custody, disagreements can bring negotiations to a stand still. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, we have been handling these types of cases for over a decade and we know that these impasses mean both wasted time and money. As experienced Fox Point, WI family law mediation attorneys, we can assist you in these situations. We can ensure your rights are protected, while helping to negotiate agreements that are in your best interests.

Mediation in Fox Point, WI Family Law Cases

Under Section 767.405 of the Wisconsin Statutes, mediation is a cooperative process for handling family law disputes. It involves meetings outside of the court between you, the other party, your attorneys, and the mediator involved. Mediators must be approved by the court and are often pulled from members of the legal community. Trained to act as impartial third parties, they use their conflict resolution skills to help those involved in disputes resolve issues and reach agreements.

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, our Fox Point, WI family law mediation attorneys have successfully guided many clients through this process. It is important to understand that while a mediator may offer recommendations and assist in creating agreements, they are not authorized to issue any type of order in your case.

How Mediation can Benefit You

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC. our Fox Point, WI family law mediation attorneys are experienced legal negotiators with a thorough knowledge of the law, which helps to ensure any agreements made through mediation take your rights and interests into consideration.

Through the Milwaukee County Courts, family law mediation may be ordered or requested in cases involving the physical custody of children and in situations where disagreements prevent couples from resolving issues in divorce. Potential benefits include:

  • Faster resolution of family law matters: As opposed to going through often tedious and time-consuming court administrative processes, such as waiting for hearings to be scheduled or motions to be filed, mediation allows disputes to be resolved more quickly.
  • Protects your privacy: Rather than airing the details of your family law case publicly in court hearings, mediation maintains your confidentiality and ensures information is shared only between you, the other party, and the attorneys involved.
  • Better control over the outcome of cases: By negotiating mutual agreements, you avoid the risk of having a judge issue an order you may not like;
  • Saves money in legal costs: By eliminating certain court processes and procedures, this saves you money in both court costs and attorney fees.

Our Fox Point, WI Family Law Mediation Attorneys are Here to Help

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC., we help you resolve complicated issues that arise in family law cases. To discuss whether mediation may be an option in your situation, contact Fox Point, WI family law mediation attorneys and request a consultation today.