Fox Point WI Adoption

Fox Point WI Adoption

Having our experienced Fox Point, WI adoption attorneys on your side can help ensure the adoption process is done property, minimizing the chance of delays or problems that could arise in the future.  

Adoptions in Wisconsin are one of the most joyous types of proceedings dealt with in the family court. However, a successful adoption requires going through a complicated process, particularly for those who lack experience in these matters. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC,  we have been assisting families in our area with adoptions for over a decade. Our Fox Point, WI adoption attorneys have the knowledge and legal expertise you need to guide you successfully through your adoption proceedings.

Adoption Proceedings in Fox Point, WI

Adoption proceedings in Fox Point are handled through the Milwaukee County Courts. Whether you go through a public adoption, which involves social service agencies, or a private adoption in which you locate a child through the assistance of adoption facilitators, you want to make sure all required procedures are followed and the necessary legal documents are filed.

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC., we provide the trusted legal guidance you need in these situations to ensure your adoption proceedings are handled properly. As experienced Fox Point, WI adoption attorney, we represent clients in the following types of cases:

  • Closed adoptions, where there is no interactions between the birth and adoptive parents;
  • Open adoptions, in which both birth and adoption parents may agree to meet, both now and once the baby is born;
  • Social service adoptions, in which parents may have already been fostering a child;
  • Stepfamily adoptions, where a spouse may adopt their partner’s child from a previous relationship;
  • Domestic adoptions, which involve children born in the United States;
  • International adoptions, which may involve traveling to adopt children born overseas;
  • Guardianships, in which you are granted legal authority of a child or an adult.

In these and other situations, our Fox Point, WI adoption attorneys can help ensure all required legal processes are followed, protecting you against potential problems and issues which could arise in the years to come.

Guiding You Through the Adoption Process in Wisconsin

Guidelines for adoption proceedings are outlined under the Wisconsin Statutes. Under Section 48.82 states both married couples and single individuals are eligible to adopt, provided they are residents of the state and the proceedings meet all other requirements.

Adhering to all legal guidelines pertaining to your adoption is vital in preventing it from being challenged in the future. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC., our Fox Point, WI adoption attorneys provide the professional representation you need to ensure the proper procedures are followed, which include placement approval, termination of birth parents’ rights, and changing of formal documents, such as birth certificates and social security information.

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When you are ready to discuss your options for adoption, MacGillis Wiemer, LLC is here to provide the professional legal guidance you need. To request a confidential, one-on-one consultation to discuss your case, reach out and contact our Fox Point, WI adoption attorneys today.