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Milwaukee Child Support Guidelines Attorneys

child_supportIf you are involved in a paternity or divorce proceeding and have minor children, you will have to address child support. How will the court determine an appropriate amount for support? What happens if the court issues an order, but your circumstances change (you lose your job, suffer an injury, or face other circumstances that affect your ability to pay or need to receive)? You want a knowledgeable lawyer who will work hard to get the outcome you want.

At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, we take a common-sense approach to divorce and family law matters, including child support. We combine tireless preparation with meticulous attention to detail, offering pragmatic, effective and creative solutions to your problems. We are first and foremost trial lawyers, and are always willing and able to take your claims to court to get the results you want. Nonetheless, we are also skilled negotiators and can often obtain the settlement you need without the time and expense of litigation. We use the latest technology in our office so that we can provide a high level of legal service to our clients and minimize waste, as well as our environmental footprint.

Our Milwaukee Child Support Practice

We will carefully review any proposed child support order for compliance with Wisconsin guidelines. We will also examine whether all relevant income has been included in the calculations, including self-employment, seasonal and commission-based income. We know how to search for and find hidden sources of income. We can also help you with requests to set up child support payments that deviate from the state standards, when appropriate.

Our attorneys work with men and women throughout the divorce or paternity process, whether you have just filed and need a temporary order for support, or your divorce is final and you need to modify or enforce a prior ruling.

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