Brookfield Child Custody

Brookfield Child Custody

We provide personalized, professional legal representation you can depend on while dealing with Brookfield child custody matters.

Child custody disputes are often complex and fraught with emotion. That is why you need an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the custody process and make sure you understand your rights and how various decisions will affect your child. The West Allis child custody attorneys at MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, will protect your parental rights during child custody conflicts and help protect the best interests of your child.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody Issues


Q: How do courts determine who gets custody of the child?

A: One parent might have sole custody, or both parents might have joint custody. The overarching consideration in determining custody is the best interests of the child. Specifically, courts might consider the parents’ wishes, the child’s wishes, the child’s educational needs, whether the child would have to change schools, and each parent’s willingness to support the child’s relationship with the other parent, among other factors. Anyone seeking sole or joint custody must file a parenting plan.


Q: What must be included in a parenting plan?

A: The parenting plan must describe how the child will be taken care of. For example, it should include information about where the child will go to school, who will pay the child’s medical expenses, where the child will spend holidays and summer vacations, whether the parents will make decisions jointly, the parents’ work schedules, child care plans, and other relevant details.


Q: What is the best interest standard?

A: The best interest standard is a list of factors that courts consider when making decisions that affect the child, including custody and child support. In addition to the factors listed above, courts will also consider:

  • The parent-child relationship
  • The child’s relationship with siblings
  • The quality time spent with each parent in the past and in the future
  • The child’s age and developmental and educational needs
  • How another household member’s physical or mental health might affect the child’s well-being
  • The availability of child care services
  • Any history of domestic abuse,
  • Any household substance or drug abuse problems.

Q: Can I modify a child custody agreement?

A: Yes, but you must wait at least two years before requesting changes to the original custody agreement. (Only a court can modify a custody agreement.) There must also be a substantial change in circumstances. For example, if the custodial parent develops a substance abuse problem or wants to move to another city, then the court might reassess the custody arrangement. Changes in a parent’s marital status or financial situation are not considered substantial changes. The modification must also be in the child’s best interests.

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